Family Reunions

Bryce family reunions, which were our annual Xmas celebrations, date back over 70-80 years and were held at Mum Bryce's; David and Maria Bryce's family home in Warracknabeal. Then they were held at Beulah at Lindsay Bryce's home, then at Hosies out on his farm at Beulah, then at Dorothy's at Warracknabeal, then at Frank Thomas's in Rainbow and then back to Dorothy's— every year, right through to 1985.

Because our family had grown so big it was decided in 1986 to hold our reunion and Xmas celebration at the Warracknabeal Race Course. It was also decided not to have these reunions so frequently so that various family members and their spouses could attend their other family Xmas elsewhere. Consequently the next reunion was in 1991 again at Warracknabeal Race Course. In 1997 to accommodate an ever increasing family number it was held at Parkgate Resort - Halls Gap and then again at Parkgate Resort in 2006. In 2007 a special gathering for Desmond Bryce’s (Uncle Boy) 80th Birthday was held at Hall’s Gap Valley Inn and Lodges. Then in 2012 a Bryce Boy’s Weekend Away was held at Hall’s Gap Parkgate Resort. The next Bryce Family Reunion, though not so big, was held in 2016 at nearby Lake Fyans.

We are now looking forward to our next reunion at Parkgate Resort in February / March 2020.

This great big family which has a track record of coming together in love and joy is something to behold and treasure. It is part of us and its ongoing celebration and reunions should continue through the generations.

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